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About Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-TieFor more than 50 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has focused on creating structural products that help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings. A leader in structural systems research and technology, Simpson is one of the largest suppliers of structural building products in the world.

Simpson’s commitment to product development, engineering, testing and training is evident in the consistent quality and delivery of its products and services.

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SST Strong-Wall Garage Portal Kit

Simpson Strong-Tie Garage Portal KitSimpson Strong-Tie now offers a Steel Strong-Wall® panel option for garage portal systems which combines simplified installation with superior performance.

--Higher capacity with reduced concrete anchorage requirements (see Alternate Garage Front Options for other options)
--Same anchor bolt template
--Complete kit available to simplify the connection to the header or beam


See Steel Strong-Wall® Portal Kit (SSWP-KT) Installation Instructions (.pdf).

--Portal Frame Connection Kit is required to achieve increased load values listed for portal frame system.
--SSWPS straps must be installed on exterior face of the Steel Strong-Wall® panel. Position header flush with exterior face of the Steel Strong-Wall panel.
--Do not cut the Steel Strong-Wall or enlarge existing holes. Doing so will compromise the performance of the wall.
--Do not use an impact wrench to tighten nuts on the anchor bolts.
--Maximum shim thickness between the Steel Strong-Wall and header is 7/8" using Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Drive® 1/4"x3 1/2" screws (SDS).
--Walls with 2x4 pre-attached studs may also be used in 2x6 wall framing. Install the wall flush to exterior face of the framing and add furring to the opposite side.
--Walls may be installed with solid or multi-ply headers, see detail 11/SSW2 (.pdf) for details.


For full instructions, illustrations, and load tables, see the Strong-Wall Portal Kit page on the Simpson Strong-Tie website.

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