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About Rosboro

Since sawing their first log in 1940, Rosboro has become one of the industry's largest fully integrated forest products companies. They strive to provide the skill and capacity to meet the diverse needs of the residential and commercial building market, represented by a suite of respected products in the lumber, timbers, and plywood segments.

Rosboro products are sold through its network of distributers across North America.

Rosboro is located in Springfield, Oregon. To learn more, visit their website at

Rosboro 3x and 4x Green Studs

Rosboro logoRosboro's stud products are highly regarded for their quality, ease of use, and cost effectiveness. Today we are proud to expand our respected product line with the introduction of 3x and 4x green studs.

All 3x and 4x green studs are S4S and 70-75% FOHC. Each grade is stamped separately to avoid confusion on the job site. To further increase the convenience factor for our customers, we can combine orders and ship Rosboro studs with our other trusted building products like plywood, dimensional lumber and glulam.

Rosboro 3x studsMill 8 hour Capacity: 350 mbf
Grading Association: WWPA


  • 90% Douglas Fir
  • 10% Hemlock/White Fir


  • Truck, Vans
  • Rail - UP & BNSF


  • Anti-Stain Treated
  • End-Waxed
  • Special Precision Trims
  • Mixed Loads
  • Paper Wrap


More information on Rosboro's 3x and 4x Green Studs is available on the Rosboro website.

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