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See BuilderLink in Action on LBM Dealer Websites

There are a variety of easy ways to integrate BuilderLink into your website. Here are links to a few examples:

Need an Entirely New Website?

If it's time for your company to upgrade it's entire website, BuilderLink's NextGen website package starts as low as $4,000.

A state-of-the-art system designed for LBM dealers, this customizable package has a site structure already designed for lumberyards. Once setup, the content can be managed by your non-technical staff if desired. Check out a working example at Pine Cone Lumber.

BuilderLink and the Lumberyard/LBM Dealer

Give customers access to online resources developed exclusively for pro-contractors.

Dealer WebsitesBuilderLink is a growing business to business network, a technical library with powerful search engine and an online estimating tool in a single platform that your customers can access from your existing website.

Using BuilderLink, building professionals can easily exchange information, gather technical literature, attend educational sessions, and assemble real-time online estimates based on current lumber and materials pricing. It signals the arrival of the next set of tools for the building industry, and BuilderLink is inviting pro dealers/lumberyards to be a part of that future.

The Power to Compete

The independent lumberyard will never be matched in their potential to build lasting client relationships. But today's and tomorrow's pro-contractors have to compete in a modern arena - they expect more information online, like pricing, estimating tools, product details, educational webinars, networking opportunities, operational tips, and more.

An Upgrade to Your Online Strategy

BuilderLink enables pro dealers to be that singular resource and more - a local source that competes at the highest levels of web-based information and estimating systems, while still maintaining that irreplaceable, personal link to the client. What's more, by utilizing BuilderLink in conjunction with your existing website you'll help make your customers' online tools more valuable to them - a place where they make connections and form partnerships with both their preferred supplier and each other.

An Overview of the Platform

EstimatingOnline Project Estimating. The BuilderLink Estimating Module connects your customers to your inventory and prices in a secure environment. You will have complete control of who has access, the customers will see costs at their assigned discount level (if applicable) and they can submit estimates directly to your salespeople. The setup is generally easy for the dealer's staff and we can customize the setup to fit your specific sales practices.

Benefits: Your customers, both "cash-and-carry" and account holders, will have the ability to lookup prices, and build and save estimates, 24/7 with minimal assistance from your staff.

Product Research. The BuilderLink Technical Library gives your customers access to a wealth of product-specific technical data plus a Google-optimized search engine. They can they easily look up product technical information such installation instructions, MSD sheets, or span tables, and they can save documents in their "My Library" for quick-reference at a later date.

Benefits: Your customers will have 24/7 access to reference material, courtesy of your company, and and your staff will spend less time chasing down these documents.

BuilderLink On-DemandEducational and Professional Development. BuilderLink webinars are available live (as they happen) or On-Demand. With a full calendar of online events, your customers will be able to learn about a range of topics from their desktop, laptop or tablet computers. The "On-Demand" webinars are recorded from the live events, reside in the Technical Library and can be viewed at any time.

Benefits: You will be responsible for increasing the professionalism of your customers, which improves their businesses and builds loyalty toward yours.

ContactsCollaboration. The BuilderLink community contains a wide-range of collaborative tools, including personal profiles, groups, blogs, and more. It's an industry-specific social media space where members collaborate, exchange information and work.

Benefits: Unlike other popular social-media websites, the BuilderLink community is designed for the working professional. No games, junk or distractions...all courtesy of your company.

Full Integration into Your Website. BuilderLink comes with content that is designed to easily plug into your company website. We want your customers coming back to your website to work in BuilderLink...and they will. Your website will contain this dynamic content:

  • An Overview of BuilderLink
  • Upcoming Schedule of Webinars
  • Industry Voices - News and Opinions about the Industry
  • Estimating with BuilderLink - An Introduction to the Estimating Module
  • Registration and Login

Benefit: Integrating BuilderLink ensures that your website will become the hub for many of your customers online work activities.

To Learn More:

For a full demo and behind-the-scenes tour of the BuilderLink platform, please contact John Niedzwiecki by emailing or call 877-228-0884 ext. 712.

Or, if you'd like to explore the site on your own, feel free to register for a 90-day trial and choose Truitt & White as your lumberyard (they are the original BuilderLink lumberyard and won't mind if you sign up and check out their products and prices in the estimating module).