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Facts & Figures

  • Truitt & White (Berkeley, CA) was the first BuilderLink lumberyard.
  • Percent of visits on mobile devices = 9%
  • Number of product searches = 200,880
  • Number of estimates created via the estimating module = 36,578

The People of BuilderLink

BuilderLink is privately held: 

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About BuilderLink

Connecting the Building Industry

On the internet's vast ocean of content and possibility, BuilderLink is an island refuge for members of the building community. BuilderLink is the place to congregate with colleagues and customers, develop and close business transactions, and discover a wealth of industry information and web-based tools that would otherwise be scattered across an unwieldy digital universe. BuilderLink is focused exclusively on construction industry, and where other social media sites end, BuilderLink begins.

BuilderLink UsersAs a growing online community and social network of building professionals, BuilderLink is connecting the industry's segments like never before. With their complimentary access, builders, remodelers, and trade contractors gather here to network, conduct research, and assemble real-time estimates on lumber and materials. Lumberyards, retailers, and dealers use the BuilderLink platform to directly communicate with a contained and focused audience, sharing inventory, pricing, and vital information like MSDS sheets, technical data, and online workshops. Through BuilderLink, manufacturers introduce products, reinforce brand awareness, and expand their online strategies in a dynamic new arena.

The community is formed. The supply chain is fused. Mass-market digital technology is effectively being put to work for the building industry.

The Creation of an Online Workspace

BuilderLink is the next-generation improvement to the groundbreaking M2L system, an estimating module developed for lumberyards in the 1990s. Now integrated with a growing collection of online tools, BuilderLink is the premier online social and business network for building professionals. Mission StatementThe simplicity of the BuilderLink interface is entirely by design; it was created and is still managed by industry veterans who understand the nuances and evolution of the marketplace.

Changing the Marketplace

More than just passive subscribers, BuilderLink members also comprise the site's advisory groups who help shape the content, functionality, and direction of the building industry's first dedicated online community. Retailers, manufacturers, and trade associations have the opportunity to become BuilderLink's Sponsors and Resource Partners, who gain vital access to audiences that are tailor made for their products and services.

These people and companies form the heart of the BuilderLink community, which continues to grow and become more valuable and useful with every new member. As the building segment evolves in a quickly changing marketplace, BuilderLink will adapt as well while serving as a deep foundation for the game-changing fusion of social media and the construction industry.